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Canebrake Farm was founded in 2012, by owners Charlie and Monica Dawson in an effort to share their love for locally grown and foraged produce with the Oxford,MS, area. A biologist and sushi chef, Charlie has found that organic gardening and foraging for food perfectly combines his curious scientific nature with his unending desire for great food. Canebrake Farm  produces high quality, local produce using sustainable and organic methods.

In 2015, Canebrake Farm began offering its Veggie Lover's CSA to the Oxford area to a limited number of families. In 2016, Canebrake Farm tripled its CSA membership and is planning to expand in 2017 to offer more available Veggie Lover's CSAs without sacrificing the personal touch that we are able to put into each crop and each customer box. Canebrake Farm also plans to be more involved in market and restaurant sales.



We are now accepting applications for 2017 Membership
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